Jarenth Plays Starships


In which the reign of Cyber-Élodie is first introduced. The galactic table is set; time for the pieces to start moving.

Episode 1: Into The Void

No time like the beginning of a new game to explain every gameplay system at once! I start spreading Franco-Iberia’s galactic influence; Normae 28 might be the first of many.

Episode 2: Lay Of The Land

I meet some new civilizations that I can’t talk to yet! So I don’t talk to them. Instead, more battles are fought, more systems are influenced, and my first galactic outing comes to a well-deserved shore leave rest.

Episode 3: First Contact

I re-meet Rejinaldo Boliver de Alencer, who for reasons unknown has turned into a weird Harmony guy, and Kavitha Thakur, who had the good sense to stay on the Supremacy path. I also convince no planets to fully join my United Federation! But that’s not bad, is it?

Episode 4: Minor Oversight

Oh, goodie. I run into my two best friends, Samatar Jama Barre and Vadim Kozlov. And they say space is big. They’re bigger than me, sure, for now: let’s see who’s in the lead once I add a few more planets to my tally.

Episode 5: Second Verse

I grab the bull by the horns. Where ‘the bull’ is Vadim Kozlov, and ‘the horns’ represent his empire’s capital planet.

Episode 6: Can’t Take Just One

It turns out homeworld conquering is addictive, you guys! This time, though, my path of conquest has an unexpected, bittersweet side effect.

Episode 7: Destiny Of A Different Sort

Well, I guess there’s one ‘old friend’ I won’t be seeing again this time around. The past catches up to me, and I deal with it with my trademark subtlety.

‘Subtlety’ is the name of my favourite brand of plasma cannon.

Episode 8: Two Become None

Just as the six-pack of opponents is finally completed, it shrinks again. I didn’t even know it was possible to… Well, nevermind. I blew ’em up once, I can do it again.

Episode 9: Cleaning House

I rid the galaxy of all major threats to peaceful unity but one. No, I’m not the threat. I mean, I could be, but listen: shut it. I’m nice.

Episode 10: Unification

The final battle plays out. It may even be what you think it’ll be.

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