Jarenth and JPH Play Trapped Dead

Episode 1, Part 1

Our first of two outings in the Trapped Dead universe. Can a wheelchair-bound ninja and a mysterious glowing-eyed man with a leather jacket stand up to infinity zombies?

Episode 1, Part 2

Or rather, the question should be: should they stand up to infinity zombies? If Trapped Dead is the alternative…

Episode 1, Part 3

We end the mission like we end the game: demoralized, injured, and dreading the next outing.

Episode 2, Part 1

And yet, for some reason, a next outing appears! We are just that dedicated to you, dear viewers.

Episode 2, Part 2

Warning: this episode contains necessary friendicide.

Episode 2, Part 3

And with that, we’re already at the end of our Trapped Dead Adventures. Really, we could have gone on for more, but it would likely have been more of the same. Much, much more.

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