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Jarenth Plays Warlock: Master of the Arcane

In which Jarenth describes his first outing into Warlock: Master of the Arcane. Seventeen episodes of monsters, magic and terrible rookie mistakes.

Format: text/screenshots.

Jarenth and JPH Play Trapped Dead

In which Jarenth and JPH deal with a terrible zombie survival game called Trapped Dead. A total of six videos were recovered from the site of the incident: the video creators themselves were heard of again, a lot and often.

Format: video.

Jarenth Plays XCOM: Enemy Unknown

In which Jarenth blindly stumbles into XCOM: Enemy Unknown mere weeks after release. Thirty episodes of aliens, shooting aliens, aliens shooting back, and a whole mess of base-building, research and development.

Format: text/screenshots.

Jarenth Plays Civilization: Beyond Earth

In which Jarenth lands a colony expedition on an alien planet, teeming with life and resources and rich with promises of avoiding the mistakes from the past, and immediately starts ruining everything for everyone. Twenty-nine episodes of founding colonies, fighting aliens, fraternizing with my fellow man, and slowly corrupting my initial dreams of peace and betterment for humankind into an oppressive cybernetic autocracy.

Format: text/screenshots.

Jarenth Plays Starships

In which Jarenth chronicles the further adventures of Cyber-Élodie, probably the galaxy’s best hope for long-term peace and unity. Which, yes, does sound very dire. Space battles, planet conquests, and interstellar ‘diplomacy’ ahoy!

Format: text/screenshots. Fanfic level: three John Freemans out of five.


In which Ranneko enters the matryoshka doll that is Ninja Blues by exploring the odd victorian child exploitation themed puzzle game that is Double Fine’s Stacking

Format: Video

The Ranchanted Cave 2

In which Ranneko spelunks his way through a magical cave destroying the delicate ecosystem in order to gather precious magical items and slightly less magical gold.

Format: Video

Welcome to Ranstotzka

In which Ranneko starts a new job, one with a high satisfaction rate, low demands and that will definitely not get him into any trouble with rebels or government groups. How far will he get in Papers, Please by Lucas Pope.

Format: Video


In which Ranneko explores a drowned city looking for convenient care packages in the tops of buildings and uncover the ambiguous history of the watery world in Submerged by Uppercut Games.

Format: Video

Ran’s Course Through Dyscourse

In which Ranneko crash lands on a desert island and attempts to keep as many people as he can alive until he can get off that god forsaken rock in Dyscourse by Owlchemy Labs

Format: Video

Ranneko Plays Torment: Tides of Numenera Alpha Systems Test

In which Ranneko tests out the basic systems of Torment: Tides of Numenera an upcoming roleplaying game by InXile Entertainment

Format: Video

Rantro Game Crunch

In which Ranneko tries a collection of retro themed games many of them challenging, frustrating and some of them are even kind of fun. The collection is called Retro Game Crunch and it is published by Retro Game Crunch

Format: Video

Human Ransource Machine

In which Ranneko rises through the ranks as a cog in Tomorrow Corporation’s Human Resource Machine by mindlessly obeying instructions in order to move numbers around the floor.

Format: Video

Ranonauts – Incompetent Planetary Defence

In which Ranneko was put in charge of defending the planet against the alien menace. Can the Ranonauts stop the alien threat, or at least determine if they have an inbuilt kill limit? Only time will tell when playing Xenonauts by Goldhawk Interactive

Format: Video

Ran Story

In which Ranneko attempts to work out what really happened in the old police case at the heart of Sam Barlow’s Her Story. What conclusions can he draw from only one half of the conversation?

Format: Video

Torment Thursdays

In which Ranneko works his way through the beta of Torment: Tides of Numenera by InXile Entertainment. It’s time to explore the marvels of Sagus Cliffs and find out more about the bizarre future of Numenera.

Format: Video

Ranneko Plays MouseCraft

In which Ranneko sends mice to get the cheese playing through Crunching Koala’s MouseCraft

Format: Video


  1. Hi! Um, I’m not sure how often you check up on stuff like this, but…for the XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Warlock Let’s Plays, the images are just not there. Like, the text is all there and stuff, but the screenshots are gone.

    Most of the jokes end up working because the captions for the screenshots are there, but still. Dunno if you’re aware of the problem or not.

    1. Heya! Thanks for the message! I am actually aware of this problem: when I ported the Let’s Plays over from Blue Screen of Awesome, the image links kept pointing at that particular site. Which, er… is now dead forever. So those links are all pointing at the eternal void.

      I have the images backed up, so getting them to work again is simply a matter of re-uploading them and editing the pointers. And I used to think this would take eight eternities, but recently I’ve stumbled across a way that would maybe actually allow me to do this sooner. I’ll try to see if I have time for that this weekend: stay tuned!

      (In other words: I knew it was a problem, I was just too lazy to fix it.)

  2. Revisiting this page in early 2016, I can’t believe I wrote ‘John Freemans’ instead of ‘Johns Freeman’.

    Past Jarenth, you really let me down here.

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