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The fact that you are on this page, right now, can only really mean one thing: you are wondering what exactly the deal is with this website. And, possible, with the two crazy people writing it. What is a Jarenth? Is is JPH, Justin, Woogles, or all of the above? And does or doesn’t ‘Ninja Blues’ refer to moody music from the shadows?

Some of these questions may or may not be answered.


First publicly appearing in the greater Internet area at the tail end of 2009, Dylan ‘Jarenth’ Schouten wasn’t always the review-writing joke-dispensing mean machine you see before you today. From humble beginnings, hanging out in the comment threads on Chocolate Hammer and Twenty Sided, he rapidly rose to prominence through the carefully planned-out social climbing tactic of fuck if I know how any of this happened.

Alright, enough with the third person nonsense. Hi! I’m Dylan, but most of you probably call me Jarenth. By day, I’m a humble Ph.D student, working to unravel the mysteries behind societal participation learning support for low-literates in virtual learning environments. By night, I play video games, I put far too much effort into thinking about them, and I write long-winded columns about that thinking. It’s not entirely unlikely that these columns are one of the main reasons you’re here.

I write about indie games, I ramble about various topics with Ninjustin, and I do Let’s Plays whenever the mood strikes me. And who knows? I might get into other projects later down the line. I have no idea where this project will end up leading to.

When not playing video games, I often tweet a lot of nonsense. Feel free to come hang out!

Jarenth Contact Details:
Email: dylan dot schouten at gmail dot com.
Twitter: @StevenBeargal.
Steam ID: Jarenth.


I’ll get this out of the way now to avoid confusion: My name is Justin and that’s what I go by now, but many of you might know me as JPH. That used to be my Internet moniker. You can call me that if you’d like, I suppose. I don’t mind.

Some people know me as just an early-twenty-something nerdy guy who scans and bags groceries. But on the Internet I’m a fiery-eyed ninja with a passion for mental health and video games! Well, sort of. I jumped into the blogging scene back in 2011 with my game blog Ninja Game Den, where I went by JPH. In 2012 I made a second blog, Ninja Lounge House, where I wrote about personal subjects. I eventually stopped posting on either site, but now I’m here to post on this one.

I’m planning on pursuing a university degree in the near future — eventually I intend to become a licensed professional counselor.

Here’s my Steam page, if you want to hit me up or see the obscene number of games I own. (Much like the Steam Train, I bought too many games.) If you want to watch me ramble, here’s my Twitter.


Two men. Two websites. One, a one-time group effort now kept afloat by a single writer. The other, a solo home of gaming thoughts grown quiet through other life demands. Change was inevitable.

The idea of Ninja Blues came up in chance conversation, brought up because both Jarenth and Justin were less than happy with their current situations. Working together seemed like a natural progression of our previous collaborative works: two active writers on one site means less chance of illness-induced total infrastructure collapse, and the shared domain provides excellent teamup writing space.

Hence, ‘Ninja Game Den’ and ‘Blue Screen of Awesome’ fusion-danced their way into becoming Ninja Blues. Hence, this website is not, in any capacity, about moody music from the shadows.

Website update news will be distributed by way of the Ninja Blues official Twitter account. An official Ninja Blues Facebook page may or may not also be in the works, depending on fan demand. Our email address is awesomeninjablues@gmail.com if you prefer that particular medium.

We commissioned one talented Val to make the banner art.

Ninja Blues Contact Details:
Email: awesomeninjablues at gmail dot com.
Twitter: @ninja-blues.
Hitbox channel ID: NinjaBlues.


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      1. I’m no expert on the subject, my rss reader tells me there was an “error while loading this feed”

      2. Hm, looks like it was a problem with my rss reader. I’ll contact the creator about the issue.

  1. A small CSS quible. Your background is a 1873×1000 png image. And as such it weights 1.5 MB which is a LOT for a simple gradient background. You could reduce it easily to next to nothing by reducing it to an image 1873 pixels wide and 1 pixel high. Your CSS style is allready set to repeat so it will be repeated.

    It makes the site load slowly on slower connections and it’s a simple fix.

    1. Oh, it’s not that already? Huh. Thanks for the tip!

      EDIT: Change made! Hopefully the new 1.33kb image should be easier on the slow connections.

  2. I see the cool XCOM Let’s Play made it past the merger. Did any of the stuff back from the Ninja Game Den make it into the site?

    1. I don’t plan on bringing anything from Ninja Game Den over here. I don’t agree with or particularly like a lot of what I wrote on that old thing.

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