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Ninja Blues
Hey, welcome to Ninja Blues! Originally launched in 2016, we’re a three-person conglomeration of (indie) games writing, video reviews, and live-streaming. On this website you can find the writing and video work of Jarenth, Ninjulie, and Ranneko, as well as links to our Discord server and Ninjulie’s and Ranneko’s Twitch streaming channels.

If you are interested in following our work, the easiest way to keep up with website posts is the Ninja Blues official Twitter account. Our individual Twitter accounts (see below) are also good ways of staying in touch. Our Discord server (in the sidebar) automatically sends out notifications of ongoing live streams, if you’re interested in keeping up with those. Finally, if you want to get a hold of us in a less ephemeral way, feel free to use the email address below.

Ninja Blues is supported in significant part by the generosity of our Patreon supporters. If you like what we do, we immensely appreciate any kind of contribution – click the button in the sidebar for more information.

Ninja Blues Contact Details:
Email: awesomeninjablues at gmail dot com
Twitter: @ninja-blues
Hitbox channel ID: NinjaBlues

Dylan ‘Jarenth’ Schouten is a 30-year old (professional) postdoctoral researcher and (decidedly amateur) indie game reviewer. He writes the weekly review column Indie Wonderland, one installment every Monday more-or-less-sharp. He has also written a variety of Let’s Plays, with more of those tentatively planned for the near-to-far future, and occasionally hangs out in Ninjulie’s live streams.

When not writing game reviews or babbling on-stream, Jarenth can be found writing scientific papers, playing video or board games from a set of increasingly-too-large libraries, or chatting on various social media in an effort to not go to sleep on time. He particularly tweets a lot, and you can find him on Steam and – occasionally – on the Ninja Blues Official Discord. He’s almost always up for a chat, so feel free to say hello!

Jarenth Contact Details:
Email: dylan dot schouten at gmail dot com
Twitter: @StevenBeargal
Steam ID: Jarenth

Formerly known as “Ninjustin” or “JPH,” Ninjulie is a lowly customer service worker by day and a video game streamer by night. She used to write an opinion piece column called Talk of the Ninja, which she may go back to eventually, but for now she likes to run casual video game streams on her Twitch channel.

Ninjulie likes ninjas, long walks on the beach, making pixel art, listening to EDM and Kpop, and playing all sorts of games. She tweets frequently, she’s almost always on Discord and Steam, and she likes to make new friends!

Ninjulie Contact Details:
Email: jph 330 at gmail dot com
Twitter: @Ninjuliee
Steam ID: Ninjulie

Ranneko is a 32-year old technical support engineer and YouTuber. He streams on twitch and creates tip videos for YouTube every week. These tip videos are about whichever game he has been sinking a lot of time into lately and aimed at helping avoid any mistakes he has been making or has seen others make.

When not creating videos Ranneko enjoys board games, card games, science fiction and fantasy novels, martial arts and travel.

Ranneko Contact Details:
Email: youtube at ranneko dot com
Twitter: @Ranneko
Steam ID: Ranneko
YouTube: RannekoPlays
Twitch: Ranneko


    1. Dangit. Broken how, actually? Again, I don’t use RSS myself. But the information I get to see from clicking the RSS button doesn’t seem all that different from the gibberish I usually see.

      1. I’m no expert on the subject, my rss reader tells me there was an “error while loading this feed”

      2. Hm, looks like it was a problem with my rss reader. I’ll contact the creator about the issue.

  1. A small CSS quible. Your background is a 1873×1000 png image. And as such it weights 1.5 MB which is a LOT for a simple gradient background. You could reduce it easily to next to nothing by reducing it to an image 1873 pixels wide and 1 pixel high. Your CSS style is allready set to repeat so it will be repeated.

    It makes the site load slowly on slower connections and it’s a simple fix.

    1. Oh, it’s not that already? Huh. Thanks for the tip!

      EDIT: Change made! Hopefully the new 1.33kb image should be easier on the slow connections.

  2. I see the cool XCOM Let’s Play made it past the merger. Did any of the stuff back from the Ninja Game Den make it into the site?

    1. I don’t plan on bringing anything from Ninja Game Den over here. I don’t agree with or particularly like a lot of what I wrote on that old thing.

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