Minor Scheduling Adjustments

Hey everyone.

You might have noticed that my schedule’s been a little on-again-off-again the last few weeks, with a shorter Indie Wonderland what felt like every other week — and then nothing at all yesterday, for which I apologize. My life has just been busy for the last few weeks: Between increasing workloads, running appointments, and social obligations, it’s been difficult for me to find the time to play (new) games long enough to be able to review them. I’ve been using shorter games and game musings as a substitute for weeks where I don’t have anything, while carrying longer games over multiple weeks, to give myself time to write something good — rather one good article every two weeks than one rushed, incomplete-feeling one every one week, that’s my motto.

This post mostly serves to make the unofficial official, as Indie Wonderland is going to stay on this uncertain schedule for the foreseeable future. I’ll try to swing full reviews as often as I can, probably once every two weeks, and I’ll do my best to fill the gap weeks with shorter reviews or other pieces of writing you might find interesting. Might not always happen, but sometimes all you can do is your best.

Thank you for your patience and continued reading.
– Jarenth

See you next week.


  1. -The discord link on the sidebar isn’t currently there
    -Are the Indie Wonderland playthroughs streamed? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the games as you play them.

    1. Hey Solomon! Sorry for the late reply, our commenting system ate your comment and I didn’t see it before now. To answer your questions:

      – I think the Discord link is back up now? It’s hard for me to test since I’m a member of this Discord already.
      – I don’t generally stream, as my play times are erratic and (now more than ever) informed by my job and other availability. However, one thing I could do is record myself playing the first hour of a game, and then upload that to our YouTube channel. I’ll post this idea in a later week-filler for people to comment on, in case nobody else checks back in on the comments underneath a month-old site update post.

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