Ranneko Plays reached 200 subscribers on the 4th of May 2018

Ranneko Plays Reaches 200 Subscribers! Channel Update 2018-05-04

Ranneko Plays reached 200 subscribers this week, in the past month I have gained more than a dozen subscribers. That is about a quarter of all my subscriber growth in the past year. Looking into the YouTube analytics, most of them have subscribed while watching a tip video. It seems that the time investment on those videos is really paying off!

Real life is interfering somewhat with my streaming schedule at the moment. This week’s stream was delayed until Thursday because the rest of my things from Australia arrived, so I was busy moving boxes and assembling a bed. Next week’s stream clashes with a meeting. Unfortunately I am then travelling from Wednesday through Monday, so there won’t be an opportunity for a make up stream.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday, Sunday, Thursday: Pillars of Ranternity
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: ShadowRan: Hong Kong
Tuesday: Hint To The Breach

Twitch Stream: Thursday 18:00 to 19:00 CEST playing Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Shadows of Hong Kong DLC

The videos

Pillars of Ranternity

YouTube Link
As we slowly grind our way through the forced besieging Crägholdt we help Durance come to a realisation about Magran and her behaviour. She hasn’t been consciously snubbing him, she literally cannot perceive him anymore, which is the only reason he is still alive. I am increasingly disappointed in these supposedly divine beings.

ShadowRan: Hong Kong

YouTube Link
The run against Wuxing is one that only works in this setting. Feng Shui just doesn’t hold the important in almost any other part of the Shadowrun setting but it has such amazing potential. I just love the idea of a run where the bulk of the immediate work is just subtle adjustments to furnishings and the environment to make everything slightly worse.

Hint to the Breach

YouTube Link

I took a bit of a different approach with the tip video this week. Instead of using archived footage from playing the game I decided to build it around using the individual sprites. I am not really happy with the end result. I like that this makes it very clear what I am talking about, but it is much less dynamic.

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