Ranneko Plays Lacking Information – Channel Update 2018-04-06

This week I picked up and then abruptly lost 2 subscribers. In addition my Hint to the Breach videos are getting disliked but no one doing so comments. At times like these I really wish there was a way to ask why.

YouTube already does this for things it cares about. When you click not interested on a recommended video, you are given the immediate opportunity to Undo or Tell Us Why. If only they did that for other metrics. As always raw numbers can tell you what is happening, but why is a harder question.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday, Thursday: Pillars of Ranternity
Sunday: Heat Signature Challenge Run
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: ShadowRan: Hong Kong
Tuesday: Hint To The Breach

The videos

Pillars of Ranternity

YouTube Link
We finally get to wrap up Pallegina’s sidequest. It was much shorter than I anticipated, the biggest delay was the requirement to reach Twin Elms which is simply inaccessible before Act 3.

Heat Signature Challenge Runs

YouTube Link
This was the hardest of the faction specific challenges. Off-World Security is decidedly non-lethal, which isn’t in itself problematic, but it means that seem to use shields more often than other factions and do not seem to include in their repertoire any means of disabling shields or bypassing armour. This lead to a lot of shield vs shield combat, and my shields run out while theirs do not.

ShadowRan: Hong Kong

YouTube Link
This week’s run is the shortest of any personal mission in the game. Gaichu no longer wants to be hunted. This means we must help him kill his old squad, people who were once as close as family to him. Another reminder that loyalty is in short supply in the sixth world.

Hint to the Breach

YouTube Link

Every decision in Into the Breach has some level of strategic or tactical significance. Even which island you choose to visit first matters. Since the Vek will be weakest on the first island, you want to pick the island you too will be weakest on.

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