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Ranneko Plays Dumb Mistakes – Channel Update 2017-03-16


I made an embarrassing mistake this week, the original upload for my Heat Signature Hot Tip was just the 6 second animated title screen and nothing else. I have made that mistake a disappointingly high number of times, but I usually catch it before the video goes live. There are a fair number of warning signs along the way. The video exports much faster from my editor, the file uploads faster, the automatically generated thumbnails are all of the intro rather than being spread through the intended footage, but this time I missed all the signs.

Obviously that mistake was unfortunate, but one thing I find reassuring about it was the comments I received that were either teasing or confused about the unusual video. Had I made the same mistake a couple of years ago I would have heard nothing, heck had this happened with one of my Let’s Play series today I doubt I would have had anyone ask. It is a reassuring signal that people are watching and are interested.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday, Thursday: Pillars of Ranternity
Sunday: Heat Signature Challenge Run
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: ShadowRan: Hong Kong
Tuesday: Heat Signature Hot Tips

The videos

Pillars of Ranternity

YouTube Link
It is time to finish up Act II of Pillars of Ranternity. I have been slowly whittling down the remaining tasks and quests available in this part of the game. I just need to finish taking control of Caed Nua and then we can attend those animancy hearing and see if it ends up outlawed.

Heat Signature Challenge Runs

YouTube Link
This is the first of a series of 4 challenges. The Vengeance challenge is one where you pick a faction (ideally the same faction that the personal mission targets), then you only take missions that target that faction and use only items found in their sector of space. Plus the weapons that faction carries. It turns out the tip from last week comes in very handy when you are stuck with teleporters and glitch traps.

ShadowRan: Hong Kong

YouTube Link
Yet again we have a run that takes about an hour followed by about 2 hours of getting to know our companions and the residents of Heoi. I love the flavour these conversations provide, but I would really like some longer runs to mix things up. There is just too much talking and not enough criming for me right now.

Heat Signature Hot Tips

YouTube Link
This is going to be my last Heat Signature Hot Tip for a while, at 22 episodes that means I have been releasing Heat Signature tips for almost half a year at this point and the idea has always been to have Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips cover other games. I was tempted to try to break down each item, but Heat Signature shines when you are using items in combination with each other. A single visitor isn’t nearly as useful as a pair of visitors to overcome the downside, or a visitor and a swapper, or a visitor and a swapper and a sidewinder. The more items you can chain together the easier your objectives become. Play around and try to see what you can do.





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