Ranneko Plays Stream First – Channel Update 2018-03-02


At least through April, I am trying to mix a combination of new and old approaches to my recording schedule. I used to record and stream very irregularly. Basically stealing time where I could, ideally when I knew my partner would not be home. I have now started streaming regularly on Tuesdays (starting at 6PM CET [GMT +1] at https://twitch.tv/ranneko) but this individual stream doesn’t quite let me cover my old streaming schedule meaning I need to combine both approaches and I have been a little less successful at rebuilding my buffer than I would like.

This is why we have such a strange bundle of episodes this week. Well, that and I was really excited to finally get to play Into the Breach and played that on my stream instead of Shadowrun: Hong Kong, a desire to finish uploading the rest of SteamWorld Dig 2 and my partner wanting to use the Switch during one of the opportunities I had to record.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday: Pillars of Ranternity
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: RanWorld Dig 2
Sunday: Heat Signature Challenge Run
Tuesday: Heat Signature Hot Tips
Thursday: I Ran Into the Breach

The videos

Pillars of Ranternity

YouTube Link
It felt good to get back into Pillars of eternity. I love it when I feel like I am making progress changing a particular thread and not going caught up in the endless combat. Plus it was nice to have Eder around again, he is a pretty cool guy.

Heat Signature Challenge Runs

YouTube Link
I really liked the idea of this challenge, it feels especially good to be able to easily enforce a challenge condition but ultimately I am a little disappointed by the end result. Ultimately I’m not doing anything particularly different from standard play here, I’m just being more careful because I know making certain mistakes will be instant death. In general though, this series continues to be pretty rewarding and I am starting to get more suggestions from commenters!



RanWorld Dig 2

YouTube Link
Unfortunately, toward the end of my trip in Barcelona I screwed up while uploading the raw video to Google Drive and lost the end of the game, meaning this week we have moved to my second run through the game. It’s pretty lucky for me that SteamWorld Dig 2 is a short and fun enough game that playing through it a second time wasn’t too big a deal.

SteamWorld Dig 2’s ending is surprisingly explosive.

Heat Signature Hot Tips

YouTube Link
Until fairly recently I had never thought to actually leave the pilot console after I had set the ship on a course for home, I mean why would you? Normally I want to go there at the same time, but I was pretty pleased to learn that it is ultimately the same rules as when you take control of a siege ship. You have no obligation to hang around if you want to move on to the next ship.

I Ran Into The Breach

YouTube Link
I was really excited to play this game, the previews looked interesting, I loved FTL so I bought this on my way home on Tuesday in order to play on Tuesdays stream. Every turn ends up being its own satisfying tactical puzzle to resolve. Trying to work out what can be maneuvered, pulled, pushed or killed and what can be safely ignored for another turn. It is a more predictable game than FTL and as a result a little more forgiving. I would still not describe it as easy however.

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