Ranneko Plays Returns to Heat Signature – Channel Update 2018-02-23


I’ve been back in Sweden long enough to start recording again, but I want to run through all of SteamWorld Dig 2 before I return to the old schedule. I both want to build up my buffer and change my recording schedule and model. These things unfortunately take time. In the meantime, if you are interested in being part of some of the recording, I am now streaming regularly. Every Tuesday evening from 6pm CET over on my twitch channel.

The first part of my schedule to return is Heat Signature, as you can see in the release summary below. There are 2 pretty simple reasons why:

  1. I still really enjoy playing the game. I am good at it and I enjoy trying new play styles in it for some reason.
  2. Heat Signature was updated last week, introducing 2 new items and going on sale. As a result way more people are looking up Heat Signature on Youtube right now.

Quite a jump

That sale has significantly boosted the number of eyeballs on my channel for now, both directly from YouTube searches and indirectly via my posts on the Heat Signature Subreddit. Things will inevitably return to normal, but in the meantime I am enjoying the boost to engagement. I am even getting comments right now!

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday, Monday, Wednesday – Friday: RanWorld Dig 2
Sunday: Heat Signature Challenge Run
Tuesday: Heat Signature Hot Tips

The videos

RanWorld Dig 2

YouTube Link
We continue to push our way through SteamWorld Dig 2, the temples are where the game feels the most traditional. There are still large sections of digging, but mixed in with this are the hand crafted puzzle sections that are able to actually feel like proper puzzles because they are contained in man made structures.

Heat Signature Challenge Runs

YouTube Link
The ghost challenge went much more poorly than I anticipated. I hadn’t played any Heat Signature for a few weeks, which probably didn’t help. But my biggest problem was the timer. A ghost challenge significantly reduces the equipment you can pick up in an emergency and you have to spend a lot more time waiting for the right guards to move to the right terminals.

Heat Signature Hot Tips

YouTube Link
Just a quick tip this week, a reminder that many actions that appear in pause menus can also be done through the realtime controls, including disarming turrets, pickpocketting guards and changing weapons.


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