Ranneko Plays Full Throttle Week – Channel Update 2018-02-09

This week was basically the last of any game footage I had recorded before this Barcelona trip. Heck I recorded Full Throttle Remastered with Syfro back in November, there have just been a few delays with editing.

As I commented during the series, I never actually finished Full Throttle as a child. I got very close, but I just couldn’t find the right rock to kick. It felt really good to finally finish the story after all this time, but I was surprised to find just how short the game is. Despite the compulsory combat section, it only took about 3 hours to finish. To be fair, we were both already somewhat familiar with the game and the puzzles, but neither of us had played it in years. I wonder how concerned the developers were about that when the game was released.

I would also love to hear what you think of these release model, a single game run from start to finish at one episode per day. It would work much better with a stream first setup, which I have been considering using, but it does make collaborations harder to organise. At least if I want the entire series to be done collaboratively.

I will be continuing with this significantly altered schedule for at least another week, because, though I do return home today, it will take some time before I have another opportunity to record more games and edit them.

Edit: Well, as of Friday morning, the feedback is pretty clearBut this does leave further questions:

  • Is it the game? Is Full Throttle just too old or are my watchers uninterested in Point and Clicks
  • Is it the delivery method? Too many days in a row?
  • Is it the team? Do they not like the combo of me and Syfro?

Given my recording circumstances, I guess we will see, because next week will be SteamWorld Dig 2 week.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday: Ranneko and Syfro Take a Royal Tumble
Sunday: RanWorld Dig 2
Monday-Friday: Ranneko and Syfro Go Full Throttle

The videos

Ranneko and Syfro Take a Royal Tumble

YouTube Link
Our time with Royal Tumble is brief, as the game, while charming, quickly grows fairly samey. It is fun to play around with occasionally, but not something you want to spend hours on.


RanWorld Dig 2

YouTube Link
The first console series and the first series I have recorded from a hotel room. I really dug the first SteamWorld game when I played through it on the Vita and I have been saving SteamWorld Dig 2 for just this kind of occasion. They have spent a lot of time de-emphasising some of the more annoying elements from the first game, especially the consumables like teleporters and ladders.

Ranneko and Syfro Go Full Throttle

YouTube Link
As mentioned on the front page, this was recorded with Syfro back in November. We were literally sitting in the same room as we worked our way through this classic point and click adventure.

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