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Ranneko Plays is Changing

Hey everyone,

As a result of a combination of factors, in particular, changes to YouTube monetisation, channel performance and travel I think it is time to start making some changes to Ranneko Plays.

I plan to discuss this on my channel tonight while playing something, probably Heat Signature. I have a rough plan in mind but I would appreciate the opportunity to get some feedback.

The stream will start at approximately 18:15 CET tonight at

Indie Non-derland, Or: Where The Hell Have I Been

Hey readers. Jarenth here. Wow, I’ve just up and not posted anything for a whole month, huh?

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may already have seen this, but the long and the short of it is: I moved from the Netherlands to Boston, Massachusetts in the first week of January 2018. Work-related, I got a research opportunity at a cool university there. Now, I was planning to post some more reviews during the Christmas and New Year’s periods, and I was planning to pick my stuff back up as quickly as possible. But here’s the fun thing about plans: Sometimes a bomb cyclone happens, and then a mild flu attack. Don’t ask me how I know these things.

At any rate, I’m currently typing this on a decent laptop. I’m going to try and see if I can run some games on this thing, and if so, try to write about these games — either next week or the week after. Should that not work, I have a more dedicated laptop in the pipeline that should hopefully be here around February; between that and all my acclimatization nonsense playing out, I should be able to get back to something like regular posting soon enough.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ranneko Plays Shadowrun Hong Kong – Channel Update 2017-01-12

I’ve been meaning to replay Shadowrun Hong Kong ever since the post-campaign DLC came out. The only reason I didn’t jump in as soon as it released was the knowledge that the first time I played the game I didn’t get the very best ending. This time I will take the time and effort to get all the information I need. This means that it will probably take about 80 or so episodes to finish it. Buckle up I guess, we are in for the long haul.

The DLC also added a new feature to the base campaign, audio commentary. Given I already know the story, I was wondering. Should I turn on the audio commentary? Would you as a viewer appreciate hearing the insights from the developers, at the risk of getting spoilers on later plot details?

At this point they are off, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday and Thursday: Pillars of Ranternity
Sunday: Heat Signature Challenge Runs
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: ShadowRan: Hong Kong
Tuesday: Heat Signature Hot Tips / Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips

After the break, more about the videos that released last week!

Ranneko Plays Finishing Up Two Games – Channel Update 2018-01-05

In a rare occurance this week I finished up 2 games in the same update period. Both Firewatch and Emily is Away Too are fairly short experiences, focused not on spacial challenges but on telling a story and providing a more emotional experience. Unfortunately, neither game seems to have captured any attention from my subscribers. They don’t even have the normal New Game bump for the start of the series. I’m not sure why.

Is it just a quiet time on the channel?

Are these games neither popular or recent enough to attract attention?

Are they simply not the kinds of games my viewers are interested in?

Unfortunately with a small, quiet viewership it is very difficult to get any feedback to draw conclusions from. Which is kind of frustrating because getting feedback would make it easier to pick new games to play. In order to delay a little bit, this Sunday I am going to experiment with a bit more Heat Signature content. But I would love to get game suggestions from you humble reader. Both for longer games in the Mon/Wed/Fri slot and shorter games for Sundays.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday and Thursday: Pillars of Ranternity
Sunday: Ran Is Away Too
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Ranwatch
Tuesday: Heat Signature Hot Tips / Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips

After the break, more about the videos that released last week!