Ranneko Plays Double Update – Channel Update 2017-11-24

Time to play a little catch up on the channel. With Torment: Tides of Numenera completed, I needed to come up with another game to play in that slot. Time was short as this occurred during the preparation for my Australia trip and I hadn’t anticipated Torment finishing quite so soon but I quickly spotted an obvious candidate in my steam list: Pillars of Eternity.

Long time viewers may remember that I started Pillars of Eternity sometime last year and stopped because 1) I was getting a little tired of the constant fighting and 2) the series was getting a little long. Given the tendency for the audience to drop off over the course of a long series it generally isn’t a great idea to have a super long 100+ episode series.

On the other hand, I really want to finish Pillars of Eternity and doing a Let’s Play of a game helps me stick with it and play consistently. So back to Dyrwood we go, let’s see just how long this RPG is. Should I start cutting down on the fights or sidequests to speed things up?

The last two week’s releases were:

Saturday and Thursday: Pillars of Ranternity
Sunday: Ran Signature
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: The Ransistance: War of the Chosen
Tuesday: Heat Signature Hot Tips / Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips

The videos

Pillars of Ranternity

YouTube Link
Having finished up the first part of White March it is time to head back into Dyrwood proper and try to remember exactly what we were doing. I think it was primarily sidequests within Defiance Bay.

Ran Signature

YouTube Link
My early steps continue, as you liberate your first few statements new mission types and difficulties open up along with your options in your station stores. Once you find a reliable approach it can be very tempting to use the stores as a way to force that style. I think I started enjoying the game even more once I learnt to go with the flow and see where items took me.

Ransistance: War of the Chosen

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Was Bladestorm always this fun or has it been boosted in War of the Chosen?
Obviously, the katana helps as it never misses, but it seems like more classes can get it. The Skirmisher, for example, unlocks a very similar ability late in its skill tree and the templar often can pick it up as an XCOM skill in the training ring. My favourite method is to drop 2 or 3 bladestorm characters right under where reinforcements will spawn.

Heat Signature Hot Tips / Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips

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Ship to Ship combat is one of those features in Heat Signature that is a lot more difficult to use effectively than you might think. It is hard to ram enemy ships because they handle really poorly, and it is even harder to target them with missiles because, unlike every other combat option, it cannot be done from the pause screen and immediately triggers alarms. That said, stealing ships has lead to some of my favourite silly events in the game, including parking a ship next to an opposing faction’s base so they could pulverise the section containing my assassination target.

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