Ranneko Plays Tuesday Tips – Channel Update 2017-10-06

This week marked the release of the first of Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips, a series I intend to be long running and touching on many different games, though for the first few months they will all be Heat Signature based.

There are a few reasons for making this change:

  1. Tip videos are interesting to make. Unlike a Let’s Play they take more planning, lend themselves to a little more editing to tighten things up and also lead to script writing. All of these are skills I would like to improve.
  2. Tip videos have worked well in the past for me. I have actually had people recognise my username from Sunless Sea and Massive Chalice tip videos in the past and it is a lot easier to get a few minutes of someones time for a tip about a game they might like than it is to convince them to watch a Let’s Play that might take anywhere from one to forty hours
  3. Tip videos have a longer tail. I still regularly see my old tip videos surfaced through YouTube search, they easily make up the majority of my view count. When looking at view count, 8 of my top 10 most viewed videos are tips. Even looking at watch time, 7 of my top 10 videos are tips.
  4. This series explicitly asks for audience assistance. If you have a tip for any game, no matter how obvious it may seem, please let me know and I may make a video about it in the future.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday: Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park
Sunday: Curious Ranpedition
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: The Ransistance: War of the Chosen
Tuesday: Heat Signature Hot Tips / Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips
Thursday: Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

The videos

Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park

YouTube Link
Syfro and I finally finish our stumble through of Thimbleweed Park and in the end we were not impressed. The game opened with some fairly heavy leaning on the fourth wall, which makes the big twist “You are in a video game and need to destroy it to end the cycle” feel really weak. Plus as a story resolution it undercuts everything else you have achieved since the end is literally the destruction of the world you have been exploring.

Curious Ranpedition

YouTube Link
Tesla did not last long, but hopefully Roald Amundsen can show us all how it is done. We rush through the first two expeditions which are by design shorter than the later ones since we don’t have the items or skill base to handle very long trips yet.

Ransistance: War of the Chosen

YouTube Link
Having rushed through the Chosen covert ops as quickly as possible I now actually have almost too many resistance order slots. I’m almost out of orders I want to use which makes the decisions each month much less interesting. Fortunately, you can unlock more orders via covert ops.

Heat Signature Hot Tips / Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips

YouTube Link
I was pretty pleased by the opening sequence for these tips. It came together almost exactly as I pictured it, though I had to cut the breacher pod out of screenshots. The tip itself was something I stumbled across by complete accident when I was playing.

Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

YouTube Link
As soon as we saw other people on the Ascension, I knew we would have to confront them. My suspicions were reinforced because talking to them did not provide us with even a minor sidequest and sure enough I was right. Once we have retrieved the annulet we cannot leave without confronting them.

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