Ranneko Plays Preparing for Something New – Channel Update 2017-09-29

Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park is coming to an end, in fact at the time this post airs the last episode is already out and with that Syfro Saturdays are taking a break. We just didn’t come up with the next game to play through together in time and there won’t be another recording session until maybe while I am in Australia (if I can manage to organise it, we could potentially record from the same room!), or possibly after.

With that, the schedule finally has room for a new project, one I have had in the works for a while. Look forward to the first of Ranneko’s Tuesday Tips this Tuesday. As a result of that Numenera moves from Tues/Thurs to Thurs/Sat.

The last week’s releases were:

Saturday: Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park
Sundays: Curious Ranpedition
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: The Ransistance: War of the Chosen
Tuesday and Thursday: Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

The videos

Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park

YouTube Link
To advance the story and get access to the super computer we need to play a video game inside this video game. How meta! But which game should we be focusing on?

Curious Ranpedition

YouTube Link
Now Tesla’s travels take him to the Horrible Elephant Dying Grounds. Are they the dying grounds for horrible elephants or are they merely horrible because lots of elephants die there? Only time will tell.

Ransistance: War of the Chosen

YouTube Link
Hacking is one of the few “attacks” in XCOM 2 that have a downside if you miss, beyond wasting your turn. I am not entirely sure why the game designers felt this was necessary. After all we are already trading the opportunity to attack and to do damage. On the other hand, it does allow for some really powerful effects to be available as the result of hacking. Like your entire squad regains all AP spent this turn. If you arrange things well that effectively gives your team two turns in a row.
Remember: If you want to join the crew just check the form recruitment form, though as I have been playing a lot lately you currently will not appear until sometime in October at the earliest.

Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

YouTube Link
Okay, I think we have finished all the sidequests that are currently accessible and not too objectionable. I guess we can head to the ascension to get that Magmatic Annulet Dracogen requested from us.

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