Ranneko Plays Camping – Channel Update 2017-08-11

This week I am away! Camping on Gotland for Medeltidveckan (medieval week). As such there isn’t too much to discuss right now, I have been trying to record enough to stay ahead because I keep having small trips which is making it harder than I would like to maintain a buffer.

The current schedule is:

Saturday: Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park
Sundays: Curious Ranpedition
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Ranneko Plays Massive Chalice
Tuesday and Thursday: Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

The videos

Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park

YouTube Link
With the agents gone it is time to work on progressing some of these side characters stories. Right now we are focussing on getting the lawyer to do his job, this is much harder than it should be.

Curious Ranpedition

YouTube Link
Today we head to the arctic, the most recently opened area for exploration, full of unique challenges. Remember to pack plenty of snow shoes and buy some tickets when you get the chance!

Ranneko Plays Massive Chalice

YouTube Link
We have finally had the advanced twitcher show up, except I screwed up on the episode naming. Doh. Anyway, these guys are tough and immune to stun so I have to be extra cautious. On the other hand, almost all my heroes can sneak. Damn, I love stealth in this game.

Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

YouTube Link
We are in The Bloom, this is the second hub city in this game, so I suspect the next couple of dozen episodes of this series will revolve around exploring this strange community living inside a giant city-sized interdimensional predator. I think it is time to start exploring and picking up side quests!

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