Ranneko Plays Finishing Up Renowned Explorers 2017-07-28

This week marks the exit of Renowned Explorers. I finally managed to make it through a full set of expeditions, though frankly, the last one was a victory lap. It turns out that you really only need to get more than 2500 fame, I assumed that there would be some kind of incentive other than score chasing to keep me going on that last outing.

I know that there is still plenty of content left to see, and heck there is even another expansion I could buy, but I would prefer to move on to something completely fresh rather than slowly find new bits amongst the repetition.

So from the 30th, I will release episodes of something completely different on the channel. A let’s play of a roguelike, age of exploration game, where the goal is to gather the most fame possible over a series of expeditions!

Also, I am still seeking feedback on the proposed new schedule. Finishing up the Curious Expedition would have been the perfect time to implement it, but I chickened out, I think I should spend some time and prep 4 or 5 tips so that once I am ready I know I don’t have to worry about the well running dry only a couple of weeks into the new schedule. It would be a lot easier if I had people who regularly commented, as I could potentially use viewers to provide ideas for tips, but frankly, comments are rarer than hen’s teeth which makes any plans relying on getting them fairly foolish.

Here is the schedule I am currently angling toward:
Mon/Wed/Fri: Long Game Slot
Tuesday: Tips
Thurs/Sun: Shorter Game or Oneshot
Sat: Syfro Saturdays

The current schedule is:

Saturday: Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park
Sundays: Ranowned Explorers: International Society
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Ranneko Plays Massive Chalice
Tuesday and Thursday: Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

The videos

Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park

YouTube Link
And now we are controlling a ghost? I definitely didn’t expect the supernatural elements displayed thus far to turn out to be genuine. I am still annoyed that we were pulled from anything else we were doing to play out this instead.

Ranowned Explorers: International Society

YouTube Link
As I said in the main post, at this point I already had the fame, I could have gone with a super easy expedition but instead decided to take on the anti-explorers. There is a lot more to see, but in the end I would rather play it safe and win than screw up and lose the entire run.

Ranneko Plays Massive Chalice

YouTube Link
The advanced forms of the cadence continue to trickle in, and I don’t know if I normally have better armour by this point, or I just forgot, but some of the new cadence do a ton of damage. I completely underestimated how dangerous the new ruptures can be and one of my caberjacks paid with their life.

Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

YouTube Link
Miel Avest has the highest concentration of castoffs of any place in Numenera and, naturally, I must speak with every single one of them. It turns out the Changing God even founded the Dendra O’Hur, is there anything in this game that the Changing God hasn’t stuck his grubby mitts into?

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