Ranneko Plays Forgetting To Post – Channel Update 2017-06-23

A habit once broken can be pretty hard to rebuild. I used to ensure I wrote these posts on Thursday nights in preparation for Friday, with the intent that at least the video links would be ready so that some of my lunch break on Friday can be spent doing any last minute revision. On Thursday nights I now have Karate which disrupts that schedule a little bit, and I of course then followed this up by having Friday off due to Midsummer here. What I am saying is that life is hard and sometimes I don’t prioritise.

The current schedule is:

Saturday: Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park
Sundays: Ranowned Explorers: International Society
Monday and Friday: The Ransistance
Tuesday and Thursday: Torment: Tides of Ranmenera
Wednesday: Ranneko Plays Massive Chalice

The videos

Syfro Saturdays – Ranneko and Syfro Play Thimbleweed Park

YouTube Link
While trying to find agent Rays, I instead find a weird book store? I am pretty sure this is the key to a later puzzle but I have no idea what we are meant to do with it now.

Ranowned Explorers: International Society

YouTube Link
I actually got the new DLC installed, and it turns out when you add DLC you invalidate your old saves. Perfect. Well, time to start a new run!

The Ransistance

YouTube Link
I thought it was high time to get some robots in this game, so time to kick off Shen’s Last Gift. It turns out that mission takes much, much, longer than I anticipated.

Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

YouTube Link
The valley of dead heroes has been pretty cool so far, but it looks like things have gotten a little… tense here. We seem to have stumbled across a hostage situation and we might have accidentally crushed a man to death. What I am saying is that things could have gone better.

Ranneko Plays Massive Chalice

YouTube Link
After making almost all of our heroes Child-Averse last time we finally have built our crucible. Now the trick is to find a good candidate to become a standard, ideally one that will not pass on the Child-Averse trait to all of the next generation of heroes, because Standards pass on personality traits to everyone.

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