Ranneko Plays Scheduling – Channel Update 2017-05-12

In terms of viewership the channel has not changed much. I am still seeing very low engagement with my longer running series, Pillars of Ranternity and even Torment: Tides of Ranmenera is barely getting any interest. Worse still I am losing motivation to play Pillars of Eternity and so, in the absence of any written or vocal feedback I have decided to take a break from Pillars. In my recordings I have reached the end of the White March Part 1 and that seems like a suitable stopping point. I will return to it eventually but I think some separation will do me some good.

At this point I think I will start an XCOM2 Let’s Play to replace it. That game stole a week or so from me just after it released and I would like to go back to it now all the DLC is out and the mods are more mature. Let me know if you are interested in being recruited and if you have any mods you would recommend I play.

The backlog itself still in a state of flux, on YouTube I am only solid through to the 18th, but I have raw footage that will see me through to the 26th when Pillars wraps up. In general, 2 weeks feels like a pretty good buffer, but I have a trip coming up at the end of the month. If I don’t get some extra recording done it will be hard to keep up the same consistency of output in June.

The current schedule is:

Saturday: Syfro Saturdays – My Mom is a Witch
Sundays: Ranowned Explorers: International Society
Monday and Friday: Pillars of Ranternity
Tuesday and Thursday: Torment: Tides of Ranmenera
Wednesday: The Ranless Sea: Zubmariner

The videos

Syfro Saturdays – My Mom is a Witch

YouTube Link
After three episodes Syfro and I have pretty much given up on this game, it isn’t terrible, but it certainly isn’t good either. The controls are overly complex and hard to use, the entire archery system seems too weak to bother with expecially given the high requirements to obtain it and the quests that are too reliant on randomness to bother with.

Ranowned Explorers: International Society

YouTube Link
Time to start again. I think I am getting the hang of how the various systems in this game work. It is about balancing the right mix of skills and specialisations to pass most of the checks while trying to go as all in as you can on one of the tokens. Let’s see if I can put that into practice.

Pillars of Ranternity

YouTube Link
I’m taking a quick break from Durgan’s Battery this week to go clear up those bounty hunting quests. At last, I can take my own petty revenge on Firedorn.

Torment: Tides of Ranmenera

YouTube Link
In the very first version of the beta, you performed an initial tidal attunement and unlocked the tidal surge ability before you woke from the fall. After that version, they slimmed down character creation but I still continued to see opportunities to use tidal surges. This week, I finally find out a way of getting that ability. It turns out you actually need to talk to a slaver, something I tend to avoid doing.

Ranless Sea: Zubmariner

YouTube Link
My inexorable rise continues. Time to focus on my ambition, the next step is to gather the Seven so that we may plot on how to seize immortality.
On a less menacing note, I think I have an easy way to farm basically unlimited echos with my current loadout. Submerging resets spawns, which allows for easy farming of Zee-beasts. In particular, near The Dawn Machine, there lurks both a Thalette and a Dawn Fluke. With my current gear it is almost trivial to butcher them and take the juicy cores and supplies they hold. I can then use some of the 20 supplies repairing the minor damage taken in each fight and repeat. This is effectively infinite because supplies also can substitute for fuel, can be used for repairs and killing monsters reduces terror.
When you are farming the twisted abominations of the deep, further perverted by the works of man nearby, perhaps the gothic horror tone of the setting has been somewhat neutered.


  1. I’m a bad fan. You’re playing a bunch of interesting games that don’t get coverage elsewhere, and I’m all, ‘eh, I don’t fancy watching that’. Then you mention an XCOM 2 playthrough, a game I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching and playing already, and suddenly I’m interested. I’m the reason why original ideas aren’t allowed in the gaming world any more :(

    As for XCOM 2 mods, the only ones I’d recommend for a new-ish player would be a couple of UI improvements (Evac All and Overwatch All) , and Stop Wasting My Time – no gameplay changes. I’d be happy to be in your crew too – Rookie Paul ‘Muse’ Pusey reporting in :D

    1. I totally get that though. I quite enjoy let’s plays for games I have already played. You get to see another player deal with the same surprises you did. It can feel like sharing a game you enjoyed with a friend.

      I mostly watch LPs for games I either never plan to play or have already played. I will make sure to add you to the roster.

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