No Stream Week (Week of 3-27-2017)

Ninjustin here, and I’ve got terrible news! I’m going to be on vacation for next week. I forget what the vacation’s about, something about getting on a giant boat with a bunch of other people to sail to some islands. Anyway, I thought I should let you folks know since Twitter is awfully impermanent when it comes to announcing things, and I wouldn’t want any regulars to show up to the stream (or lack thereof) and wonder what’s going on.

I also wanted to give a big thank-you to everyone who’s been watching my streams. I’ve been streaming regularly for the better part of a year now (had to check the calendar myself to confirm it) and it’s been a very fulfilling activity. Talking about games, while playing games, and interacting directly in real-time with the people interested in your words is incredibly engaging, and I’m happy to continue doing it.

I’m considering posting here regularly to give updates on what games I’m streaming, possibly even set specific games for specific dates each week so you can look ahead of time and see if you can watch me stream the game you’re interested in. Please let me know if you’d like me to do this!

If you’re curious, lately I’ve been mostly streaming World of Warcraft, For Honor, Elite: Dangerous, Hearthstone, WASTED, and just recently I started a playthrough of Skyrim: Special Edition with several mods that give it a survivalist edge.

Here’s a link to my channel, and as always, thanks for reading and for watching. See you in about a week.

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