Ranneko Streaming

Hey everyone,

I have some rare, actually prescheduled streams coming up! You should check them out over at twitch.tv/ranneko.

Sometimes they don't fall down

I am an excellent builder of bridges

On Thursday afternoon, starting at 16:00CET I am going to stream the indie puzzle game I am currently slightly obsessed with Poly Bridge. You may recognise it from the incessent posting of bridge gifs over on my twitter feed. I am pretty keen to try out its twitch integration which allows viewers to give suggestions to help me build new and terrible constructions that sometimes get the job down without collapsing catastrophically.

Then pretty much all day Friday I will be streaming Sunless Sea: Zubmariner, basically recording in bulk the next several episodes of Ranless Sea. I am itching to really dive into those stories again and Failbetter Games just made the previously kickstarter exclusive content available to everyone. Plus at the moment they are trying to promote the Sunless Skies kickstarter and they say they will be trying to drop into as many Sunless Sea streams as they can so hopefully they will be around for some of it to answer questions. I will kick off at about 10am CET and try to go for pretty much the whole day, with the occasional break for food, drink and other vital bodily functions.

Even after those streams are done you should remember to follow my channel, I sometimes stream the recording sessions for my let’s plays but unfortunately I don’t have a consistent recording time which makes it hard to have a consistent stream time. If you follow me you will get notifications when I go live!

Hope to see you there!

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