Rannekos of the Lost Quark

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I may have picked this game based purely on the name. How can you pass up a game with the ridiculously long title Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark. It has everything, Indiana Jones references, physics, cats, how did this game not set the gaming world on figurative fire? I don’t even know what kind of game this actually is. Let’s dive in and find out.

First impression: This game is out loud and I mean seriously loud. Keep in mind that the game sound in these videos is dropped to about 10% of the actual volume, I am really glad I record my desktop and voice on separate tracks these days because otherwise these videos would have ended up a wash. It is also pretty colourful, this strange subatomic world is full of very strange looking blobs with very silly voices.

Once the game starts it becomes pretty clear we are dealing with a platformer, but with a twist! Beyond the standard jump and attack we also have the ability to collect and use four of the flavours of quarks to pull off other tricks. Almost every single combination of three quarks will do something useful. Three down quarks digs a hole, three up quarks lifts you, three bottom quarks creates a platform, up and bottom create a moving platform there are often multiple possible combinations for almost any problem and I’m not sure I have seen a similar system in any other platformer.

Unfortunately I’m not sure it really works because whenever you use one of these combinations those quarks are consumed, in early levels they respawn but in the later ones they are gone for good and these power ups are required to complete sections of the level. It means that eventually the puzzle sections require perfect execution or frequent reloading of checkpoints and that just couldn’t hold my attention beyond the first hour and a half of play.Y

YouTube Link

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