Torment Thursdays 2-6 to 2-10 Catch Up Time

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Site outages are inconvenient especially since I find it difficult enough to keep up on my posts at the best of times. I should remind you, dear reader, that my YouTube channel was regularly updating even while Ninja Blues was down.

In the five episodes that have gone up since the last post an unsurprisingly large amount has happened.

2-6 Robot Midwifery

We took the opportunity to return to the partially dismantled overseer and try to fulfil his dream of parenthood. We tried to ensure we could bring about the best outcome possible in this process but I am not sure we succeeded. Certainly things worked out a little differently last time.

2-7 Russian Nesting Quests

Our search for Matkina leads us to deal with the Stichus and unlike last time we do not have the skills nor intellect pool to short-circuit that quest. Matkina is needed for a number of different quests at this point and I am getting a little sick of each thing I do needing a Quest to back it up. Let’s find something else to do instead.

2-8 Anechoic Deathtrap

Like that Anechoic chamber, last time around it was pretty quick, but I bet this version of the beta actually has a crisis down there and possibly other things to do. Nothing can possibly go wrong…

2-9 Living Life Past The Edge

We will chalk that one up to a learning experience. At least now we know how Torment: Tides of Numenera handles dying. Even in situations which should preclude the recovery of your body.

Let’s try a new tack and explore the cliffs for a while.

2-10 Weathering The Watering Hole

With this episode we are now in some ways beyond the point that killed the previous Torment Thursday series. The fight with Malaise was hardly the most challenging encounter but it was very satisfying to get through it without encountering a weird crash or bug that sent us back to a previous save.

There is still plenty of ground we could potentially retread and I am no closer to finding the solution to our Stichus or Matkina problems but at least we know Malaise is gone for good.

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