HeadRander – Headlander Let’s Play

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A little bit before the site went down I started my let’s play of Double Fine Productions most recent game Headlander. A metroidvania game lead by Lee Petty, the same mind that brought us Stacking. I guess Lee likes the idea of taking over other people because there are some suspiciously similar concepts at play here.

In Headlander you are introduces as the head of the sole remaining biological human, encapsulated in a suit that allows you to jet around sucking off heads and taking over robot bodies to make ends meet.

You do this in a bizarre retro-future world full of robots effectively stoned out of their minds by the influence of the Omega gems and the control of the evil supercomputer Methuselah. For me the game lasted just about as long as it needed to, clocking in at about 4 and a half hours at near 100% completion. I definitely would recommend others check it out, or at least to check out the let’s play.

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