Torment Thursdays 2-2 – What Happened To The Lab?

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This is why it is interesting to play a semi-public beta; we get to see the content evolve over time. Last time the changes I encountered were kind of disappointing, today’s changes are pretty pleasing. They drastically shortened the time spent in the mental space, the area I think of as the initial character creation set up. As much as I loved the flavour of the initial tidal attunement, especially when you include the big long choose your own adventure section it did simply take too long. I hope that they can reuse some of that content a little later on after the player has more of a chance to get to grips with Numenera’s setting and mechanics.

It also simplifies our very first introduction to combat. The previous version had an odd fight we couldn’t win through direct combat, it makes for interesting variation but a poor introduction. This new scene is much faster and simpler and it still shows off the very basic combat system before the more complicated crisis we will encounter later.

It is interesting seeing this content sandwiched between the two parts that are almost entirely unchanged from the Alpha Systems Tests, I guess those parts have already had enough iteration for InXile to be confident with them. I still find it annoying that we pick up a numenera that is meant to drown out laughter that cannot be used when interacting with a smug laughing machine or the strange giggling numenera outside. It only really need a minor change in description, have it clear that it only impacts the holder and not the speaker for example. Its odd to have nothing acknowledge the stranger impacts of the items that you may be carrying.

On an unrelated note I have upgraded my computer! This hopefully will allow me to improve the quality of the videos I am making, certainly on a raw technological level that is already happening given this video is available in stunning 1440p at 60fps, you’ve never seen text so good.

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