Indie It’s Good To Have A Planning Land

Heya, readers. Some site news about the short-term schedule of Indie Wonderland hides behind this link. If you don’t care about that, no need to read further. No review awaits in these hallowed halls – check back next week for that.

Okay. Now that I can presume I have your attention:

As some of you might know, I’m currently in the tail end of wrapping up a Ph.D thesis. I’m talking ‘should be done in six weeks’ tail end. It’s busy stuff. And it’s been tricky for the last few weeks to combine my actual career writing work with playing and writing Indie Wonderland… but obviously I try to manage for you, readers.

But then this week an additional complicating factor was introduced in the form of wild Pokémon running amok in my office.

Pidgey stop blocking my only beam of sunlight.

Pidgey I can’t write papers if you’re sitting on them.

When my day-to-day life starts consisting of deadline-intense work, socializing, playing Pokémon GO, and playing and writing about indie games, it’s obvious that something’s gotta give. I’m not made of time.

Because of this, I’m making the executive decision to kick Indie Wonderland one week into the future. I have all the material and the general outline for a review I was gonna try writing today. But instead that review’s coming next week. And the review I had planned for next week, the week after that. And so on, and so forth. Think of it as me forcibly handing Future Jarenth a buffer. It has to be me who do that, Present Jarenth, because Future Jarenth doesn’t really take good care of himself. And Past Jarenth spent all morning catching Pokémon instead of writing, so fat lot of good that guy is.

Anyway: the long and the short of it is that all reviews are postponed one week until further notice. You won’t notice anything different from next week onward, save maybe the niggling sensation that the review you’re reading smells more like stale bread than usual.

Thanks for sticking for us! Here’s to me getting my shit together.

– Jarenth


  1. I wonder what Alternate-Present Jarenth is up to right now? I’m going to guess ‘waxing his magnificent moustachios’.

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