Ranonauts 47 – Regional Confusion

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There are times where I really wish that there was an undo button, or at least that I didn’t have the habit of just doubleclicking to do movement straight away. Sophie Murphy died because I accidentally clicked on the wrong side of the fence. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to have to list on a death certificate.

We got a lot of fighting done this episode, it doesn’t take much time to handle smaller ships these days even if I occasionally go and sort through the equipment and troops at the wrong base just before a mission. Ah well this series is called Ranonauts Incompetent Planetary Defence, if I don’t make a couple of mistakes per episode I am probably not doing my job correctly.

This is the last episode I edited before I finished the game, so the recruitment prompts will stop next episode.

The Ranonauts Project would like to congratulate:

  • Guila for reaching a career total of 10 kills, despite only being armed with a pistol
  • Guila for creatively weaponising a hyperdrive engine
  • Jan for napping mid-fight

The Ranonauts Project would like to extend its condolenses t the friends and family of

  • Sophie Murphy, operator error.

To date Ranonauts has:

  • defended the earth for 8 months and 4 days
  • lost 54 soldiers
  • killed 558 aliens in 58 ground battles
  • captured 52 aliens
  • shot down 149 alien spacecraft
  • had 5 aircraft shot down
  • received $21,589,801 in funding

Ranneko is on holidays right now and is trying to catch up on posts where possible, these are likely to keep appearing and semi-random times.

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