Ranonauts 45 – Cruising with Reapers

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We are creeping our way through the tech tree for now and as a result we have finally started getting better armour but it isn’t deployed widely yet. It does make fighting reapers slightly less worrying at least they lack ranged attacks and are fairly weak compared to our firepower, it is pretty rare for even an alpha to survive a single hit from most of our weapons.

Unfortunately it does seem that the tactic of shooting through the floor has a fairly limited shelf life, it looks like slight differences in floor sizes, ship layout and default holding positions for aliens basically drastically reduce how effective it is, time to find a new strategy.
The Ranonauts Project would like to congratulate:

  • Guila for tanking a grenade that landed right at her feat, if only she had been able to hit the Salarian that threw it rather than the wall behind him
  • RebelliousUno for getting his Long Service Medal, I have had him running missions for quite a while now

To date Ranonauts has:

  • defended the earth for 7 months and 20 days
  • lost 52 soldiers
  • killed 520 aliens in 54 ground battles
  • captured 51 aliens
  • shot down 143 alien spacecraft
  • had 5 aircraft shot down
  • received $18,388,833 in funding

Ranneko is on holidays right now and is trying to catch up on posts where possible, these are likely to keep appearing and semi-random times.

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