Ranneko Plays Duet

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Duet is a hypnotic arcade action game, the goal is pretty simple get your rotating spheres through and around the obstacles that are falling towards them. It is a pretty simple concept much like that of Super Hexagon or Supercollider and exactly as in those games it is much harder and more frustrating than it sounds. This is a oneshot episode which I am pretty sure was the right decision because the later episodes would have come down to hearing my repeated affirmations “I can do this, right left left right right right left left right- damn!” but rest assured I have gone through and finished the initial story and seen the credits.

I think one of the features I grew to appreciate the most was the way each of your failures leaves its mark on the otherwise fixed levels. Whenever you strike an object the sphere leaves a paint splatter. You can see each of your failures as you strive to get just a bit further and often particular marks help provide guidance. You know that that particular blue mark is the block where the direction suddenly changes and eventually you learn and you adapt.

Interestingly enough the game actually reveals basically all of its basic structures in the opening set of levels, what the successive stages add are new and ways for those structures to be obscured reducing the time you have to recognise them which has the unfortunate side effect of forcing you to rely increasingly on memorising the unchanging level until you finally master it enough to pass through.

This is one of the rare instances of the developers of a game reaching out to me suggesting I give their game a shot. I have no idea why, perhaps it is because the creators are Melbourne based Kumobius Games they want to reach out to a fellow Australian or perhaps I just ended up on a mailing list at some point. In my case I already happened to have bought the game via Humble Indie Bundle 16, but that coincidence benefits you dear reader. I have a spare key to give away for this game, if you are interested let me know.


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