Ranonauts 39 – Just Need To Not Get Uno Killed

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I really like the way that even fairly limited engagements in Xenonauts still result in some stat improvements for your soldiers, generally strength and time units, but that is what I really need. Some of my soldiers, like Uno and Narmio have survived long enough for me to become pretty attached to them. They can cover a lot of ground and still take down the aliens and I need more of these awesome soldiers as we reach the end game, unfortunately they do have a tendency to end up a little bit dead, probably because I am more likely to have them run ahead and let them get cut off from assistance when things go wrong.

Also as much as I want to finish Xenonauts at this point, there is a while to go yet, as I note in the start of the video there is another enemy and ship type that need to turn up yet, once they start showing up we will then get to do a little more research before the game is over. I think we are only at about the two thirds mark right now. At the time this episode was recorded I was definitely riding the high of progress at last, mixed with success and a fair amount of recording time as my partner was away. It lead to a nice buffer and a desire to get on with things.

The Ranonauts Project would like to congratulate:

  • Kate with the quick close range snipe of an Andron to save her own life
  • Guila with an usually well thrown grenade, better than it could have been if it hadn’t scattered
  • RebelliousUno for reaching the rank of Commander

To date Ranonauts has:

  • defended the earth for 6 months and 6 days
  • lost 45 soldiers
  • killed 408 aliens in 46 ground battles
  • captured 51 aliens
  • shot down 93 alien spacecraft
  • had 5 aircraft shot down
  • received $15,361,425 in funding

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