Choosing the Next Game

There comes a point in time when the games are done and one has to make the tough decisions, like what game to play next. Being a naturally indecisive person I would like to involve you the reader (and hopefully watcher). What game would you like to see me tackle next?

For a bit of background on how I try to operate things on Ranneko Plays, I mentally think of the channel as having two main slots, a primary and a secondary. The primary generally runs on Mondays and Fridays and works well for longer affairs like the current Xenonauts playthrough, but obviously I am also quite happy to tackle shorter games here, but if I do the rotation is a bit higher. The secondary slot runs on Wednesdays, generally I try to keep to shorter games or even just brief one shot tries for games I don’t see as being fun to record for a long series.

Right now I need to pick new games for both of these slots, MouseCraft obviously finished up a couple of weeks ago,  I do have more material for Wednesdays lined up but all one-shots arther than a multipart series. In the primary role Xenonauts will run for… a fair while longer yet but I did wrap up recording that very recently so any feedback would be very welcome.

In general feedback is the most important thing, as a small-time creator one of the biggest problems I run into is apathy and the sense that what I am mostly doing is feeding bits to the algorithms rather than actually providing any entertainment to anyone. I would love to know what you like and dislike about the videos I make and the posts I write. I really want to know what you would like to see more of.

Especially if it involves jamming the first syllable of my handle awkwardly into the titles of the games I am playing.


    1. That would be an interesting one to do, especially given CK2 has no defined objectives. I guess I would need to start with a smaller initial goal and see where things go from there. I will think on it.

  1. I generally prefer videos to be 20-30 minutes, although I’ll watch longer one-shots. When I allow myself to get behind on a series, like I’m afraid I have with Ranonauts, it becomes harder to get back into when there’s a bunch of 50+ minute videos in the queue.

    I’d like it if you added numbers to the titles of episodes more frequently. I’m probably in a small minority here, but I tend to download videos from Youtube when they pop up, then watch a bunch of them in a row. Titles like ‘Ranonauts (1) – Welcome to Earth – Xenonauts Let’s Play’ would make my life a little easier and let me know if I missed an episode.

    I like idea of primary and secondary slots – even if I’m not interested in the primary game right now, there’s always a chance that the Wednesday game will be a cool new game I’ve not heard of before. I’ll often watch one-shots even if the game doesn’t look like it’s for me, but if I’m not particularly bothered about a game and I see ‘Part 1’ in the title, I’ll generally just skip it.

    I like RPGs and games with branching stories for longer playthroughs – I may have already played the game myself, but you’ll probably choose different classes or story options so it keeps things interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing one of the RPGs from recent years that I started but didn’t finish, like Divinity: Original Ran, Wasterand 2, or Pillars of Ranternity. I always love watching people play the Ran Souls series too.

    I don’t comment as often on your stuff as I could, but entertainment is definitely being provided. Keep up the good work, and never stop sticking ‘Ran’ into things. :D

    1. I hadn’t really thought about the YouTube download use case. I can definitely understand why you would want the episode number in the title then, I will try to do that in the future. I generally have aimed for about the 30 minute mark with videos, but sometimes time runs away with me, especially with Ranonauts as the fights get longer and longer.

      Funnily enough the RPGs you mention are all games I have but either haven’t started or certainly haven’t finished.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. It is pricey at the moment, but if you have it, RimWorld.

    RanoWorld has a nice ring to it. :)

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