Torment Thursday – Faster than Anticipated

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I’m kind of burning out on Torment Thursdays, there is just so much reading and so many characters, why did I try to give each a different voice? As a result I have decided it is time to try and finish up the section of the game found in the beta rather than my normal approach of doing every single sidequest and chatting to every single character I can find. Therefore it is time to return… to the reef! We have a ship to explore.

That took a lot less time than I expected. Frankly after the first conversation with Qorro I was worried we were entering a proper dungeon crawl, instead we have a To Be Implemented zone and fight, so what probably would have at least consumed an entire episode is effectively over in a few minutes, mostly loading screens too. I do dig that they give you that brief blurb explaining what was meant to be in that scene and give you context to keep going. It makes sense given that so far it is really content outside Sagus Cliffs that we have encountered as Not Yet Implemented explanatory text.

Rescuing Ris was also pretty quick to do, though to be fair I had inadvertently done most of the work for that one having previously stolen the badge and chatted up the clerk it was pretty easy to get the required pieces. The resolution however was pretty interesting revealing both about both Tyber and the world itself. I really appreciate that Numenera uses its fantastic elements to extend well beyond a standard medieval society mould. It is great to see the people and institutions take advantage of supernatural abilities like the ones mentioned by Ris to determine the truth of events in the post-mortem.

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