Torment Thursday – Like Clockwork

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Houston we have a complete character. I am amazed that it could take this long, I had just assumed that The Last Castoff’s focus was going to be set by the plot. i.e. They would be a Blank Blank who Is a Castoff of the Changing God but it turns out I had to take a detour into trans-dimensional clock repair before I could really get an opportunity to focus. It is an interesting choice and I wonder the long character creation process is intended to reflect the changeable nature of The Nameless One from Planescape Torment, there you started as a warrior, but could completely change track to become a thief or wizard depending on the completion of certain quests, partly to ease you into the mechanics and setting, partly to show just how unusual The Nameless One is.

The entire clock sequence was pretty cool, forcing you to get a sense of a few significant moments in the past of Sagus Cliffs and to give you an idea of the kinds of actions the Changing God has been capable of, it really drives home why this being has had a cult build up around him and his offspring, other interactions have given me the sense the the Changing God is fairly self-centred so I can’t help but feel that their motivations in saving the city were unlikely to be entirely selfless but clearly the cult does not need to follow my interpretations. They treat castoffs kind of oddly, they seem fairly happy to simply deny my character unless he is willing to pay them in actions or in money. It seems like an oddly cavalier way to treat your god’s children, but then I guess they have been around long enough to know that their God doesn’t seem to care all that much about their kids either.

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