Ranneko Plays MouseCraft – Section Four (Part Two)

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I messed up my time management a little this time which means we have a pretty short episode today as we get to play with the final toy in MouseCraft the Moving Block. Moving Blocks can be picked up and put back down after they have been deployed making them incredibly powerful at the cost of making timing much more important to the solution. It is nice to have and it lets them create some pretty good puzzles but unfortunately the timing system in MouseCraft just isn’t good enough to support this concept very well.

It all comes down to how block collision and animations work. In MouseCraft if a block is placed while a mouse is moving between squares generally the mouse is able to continue to move inside of the new piece before being registered as crushed. It feels awkward and has always been a little frustrating, because this means you can lose a mouse you think you are blocking, but generally you aren’t placing down blocks that frequently as the level plays out and the mice move around. This is inherently broken my Moving blocks because for them to be useful or interesting you need to have them picked up and moved around.

You could mitigate this problem somewhat by not allowing a new block to be placed in a square a mouse is travelling to and of course detecting any crushing by falling blocks the same way, but this then makes the timing even more finicky because you will have to be faster to place the block at the right time. I think if you paired it with a more fine-grained time control it would work better. If I could step back seconds not just block placements then many of these timing problems would be fixable with a couple of button presses rather than having to restart the entire puzzle.

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