Ranneko Plays MouseCraft – Section Four (Part One)

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As we move into the final section of the game the designers are almost obligated to use as many block and obstacles as they can in each of the puzzles we come across, we are in the home stretch and they need to demonstrate that we can use all of the tools they have provided us and on the whole I think they are doing a pretty good job. Unfortunately looking back on this I often seem to forget a very simple concept, everything in the level is intended to be used, even temporary obstacles. I keep killing the very Ratoids I should be using to help solve these  puzzles. You can see me do it almost reflexively as the puzzle solving process takes place, just being processed as an obstacle element to be removed rather than a potential tool to solve the overall problem. I need to spend more time seeing the entire puzzle at once rather than a series of smaller objectives.

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