Ranonauts – The Forbidden Technique

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I seem to have discovered an approach for tackling these two level ships that no one else seems to talk about. You can shoot through the floor. No more having to run someone around a corner into reaction fire, or slowly try to toss grenades to cover that one stupid corner, instead I can keep a force above and a few soldiers below and shoot those potentially ambushes. This makes these ships much much safer to attack, I am so pleased that works because aliens are so damn good with their reaction fire. I’m not entirely sure that this behaviour is intended, especially since it seems to be much more reliable if you aren’t directly targeting the occupied square, but instead target one well past it. I did look into this a little bit and I know that they used to have problems with the alien forces shooting through walls and floors, so maybe this is something that is still part of the game to a limited degree.

We were also able to determine that destroying the ship being escorted in the case of terror and bombing missions are all that really matter in an air combat. If you destroy it the fighters vanish as soon as the combat ends, we don’t get the resources from them unless we shoot them down but it lets us stop them even with our relatively weak air forces. That is definitely one of the biggest problems I have had in Xenonauts, if you can’t shoot down the alien craft then your funding and support can drop pretty rapidly, after all the Ranonauts project is mostly running on armour sales, using government funding to cover most of its maintenance costs.

The Ranonauts Project offers its condolences to the friends and family of:

  • Ivan Smirnov

The Ranonauts Project would like to congratulate:

  • RebelliousUno racking up another 3 kills
  • Maria Lazos for taking down 5 aliens, more than a third of the alien forces in that mission, including one through the floor
  • Narmio for coming to the rescue and taking the last alien on the ship down before it had a chance to take out our over exposed soldiers.

To date Ranonauts has:

  • defended the earth for 5 months and 4 days
  • lost 44 soldiers
  • killed 327 aliens in 37 ground battles
  • captured 48 aliens
  • shot down 47 alien spacecraft
  • had 4 aircraft shot down
  • received $12,588,599 in funding

Ranonauts is in need of new recruits after recent… incidents, if you or a friend would like to become a soldier in this Xenonauts Let’s Play please leave a comment or fill in your information here, the next set of new soldiers will arrive in the distant future.

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