Torment Thursday – Hanging on the Cliff Edge

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I find it really frustrating to have to replay sections of games, especially given that I am trying to maintain a steady state with this series and there are skill tests and dice rolls involved. So not only did I have to replay the game, I had to carefully replay the game and attempt to get roughly the same results as last time. It gets pretty annoying to have been lucky the first time around and then repeatedly fail the same checks on the second, third and fourth attempts. I really wish that roleplaying games in general had better autosaves system, far too many of them rely on a really basic save on map load approach which has always struck me as pretty naive, it only really works if maps are small and not very dense with activity and as computers have gotten better the tendency has been bigger zones and more to do in them so effectively the frequency of autosaves has gone down.

This means that when a bug means you have to load an earlier save you tend to have lost a lot of time unless the player is in the habit of making frequent manual saves, which has its own cost in immersion and unreliability. In an ideal world I would like RPGs to have 3 different triggers for autosaves, each with their own slots. These triggers are:

  1. Map load: Autosaving on map change isn’t inherently bad, even my complaints above are just that it is insufficient, we should definitely keep the old approach as well
  2. Combat finish: If I have just won a fight something of some significance has occurred. Save so that I don’t need to repeat the fight over if something else goes wrong.
  3. Quest Progress: Save every time I finish a link in a quest. This can be some of the most tedious and difficult to repeat because quests often involve skill tests which you might pass one time and fail the next.

I understand that I am playing a beta right now and of course beta software is more likely to crash or otherwise have problems but even released games are not free from bugs, a system like this would make it much easier for me to know I can always return to a good point to keep playing without having to remember to use the save game button every time something of any importance happens. I can focus on the game unless problems arise.

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