Ranneko Plays MouseCraft – Section Three (Part Two)

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It can be kind of embarrassing watching yourself solve a puzzle and miss the solution repeatedly, especially when you know it stems from a broken assumption so you can see yourself struggle and ignore the actual solution for far far too long. Fortunately it isn’t embarrassing enough to stop me from releasing these episodes. It is also kind of interesting to see me find some solutions that are slightly harder to execute than what seems to be the obvious solution, this is especially true in level 55, where I choose to use a block vertically when it really would be better used horizontally.

I quite like the block destruction aspect of the new acid obstacle this section introduces, I just kind of wish it led to more timed puzzles, where a stack slowly drops down due to a thin pool of acid. That said I am not sure that the game will really cope well with a proper timing based puzzle, especially given that time starts as soon as the level loads, it would have to be triggered by a bomb.

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