Torment Thursday – Fishing in the Underbelly

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First a correction from last time, it turns out I got the location name wrong. We aren’t wandering the Undercity, instead we are exploring the Underbelly of Sagus Cliffs. I’m not sure that the two names are really that different but I do prefer to be correct most of the time.

It is an interesting place and I think the most packed with NPCs and things to do. My favourite so far is probably VARRANOTH CHAMPION OF THE WASTES, I really hope we get to meet the rider in a future area.

We also got a few little quests done, we helped persuade the insect people undermining Sagus cliffs that perhaps they would be better served mining elsewhere and we even did some fishing and shared with poor Crooked Qeek. As far as weeks go I was pretty pleased by this one, though I should note that the game crashed out shortly after I finished up. I really hope the checkpointing is good, if it saved after the last quest I completed then I won’t need to spend time trying to save scum to replicate the game state for next time.

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