Ranneko Plays MouseCraft – Section 3 (Part One)

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We are into the back half of MouseCraft now, but of course each level individual level is taking longer. Even the initial tutorial levels after each new tool is introduced are not complete slam dunks anymore.

I think the key reason I get stuck on any given puzzle isn’t comprehension so much as just not seeing one aspect of the puzzle. I guess what I like most is the feeling of the entire puzzle clicking into place. Even if sometimes it can take an embarrassingly long time for that to occur.

The electro blocks we see here are an interesting obstacle block. It seems kind of strange to sometimes be asked to place a block that I cannot directly use. Even explosives are useful for clearing out other obstacles, but electric blocks are only useful for building indirect support and for killing Ratoids. It narrows down their purpose in any given level at least.

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