Volgarr Final Level Stream Thursday

Ninjustin here. Dude, were you there for the Volgarr stream?! (If not, here’s the archived broadcast. I plan to upload it to Youtube.) It was awesome! Until the moment it became terrible. I was playing through the game, occasionally fucking up but mostly kicking ass, and then right when I got to the secret final final world that you can only reach by coasting through the hard-mode versions of all the previous levels, the stream crashed. That’s not a joke. That’s actually what happened. And for twenty minutes afterward I tried to revive the stream. My internet connection was fine, but the stream refused to happen, so I’m inclined to believe Twitch was having issues. Maybe Twitch just couldn’t handle the epic secret final world on display. I don’t really know what happened, but either way, it was incredibly disappointing.

I’m not giving up, though. This Thursday (March 10th) I’m going to stream again, and this time I’m going to play up to the secret final level beforehand. I don’t want to make you all watch me play through the vast majority of the game again. If I start making that regular on my channel I’d probably be doing speedrun attempts.

Expect me to be on my channel at 3:30 CST. Here’s the time-zone conversion page for it. It shouldn’t take long — maybe 10 to 20 minutes. I may stream a celebratory Helldive afterward.

Fate doesn’t seem to want this to happen, but if that be the case, by Odin’s beard, I will fight fate itself.

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