Ranneko Plays MouseCraft – Section 2 (Part Two)

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Now we have explosives, this can only end well. I like how the timer on them basically guarantees that if you haven’t separated your mice the third one will always be caught by the explosion, it combos pretty well with explosive bricks or using blocks and bombs to split the party.

I am continuing to have a great time with this, MouseCraft seems to be pretty good at generating that “I figured this out” feeling, even when I don’t actually see the entire solution before I hit that play button. I think the tetronimos really help there, it allows the level to signpost some of the block placements because there is an semi-obvious hole to place them into. It means that while I occasionally get stuck and spend a long time on a puzzle I always feel like the clues were there all along and I just missed missed them.

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