Torment Thursday – The Order Of Truth

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With this episode we are finally post all of the alpha test content and into the rest of the game. I was really pleased to be able to test inXile’s word that you could in fact bypass the initial Reef crisis. I wanted to go into this playing a character who would try to avoid direct violent confrontation and it is always nice to see that succeed and the scene that follows it is also pretty great we get to see a side of Qorro I really doubt we would have had an opportunity to see had we gone straight to combat.

The order of truth emphasises just how much time I am going to spend talking to people and feeling out devices, what I want most from this game is the chance to explore the strange elements of Numenera’s setting and I suspect that most of that will appear in dialogue because that is much cheaper than creating animation and visuals to go with the descriptions. I want to see more elements like the strange machine that takes a year of your life to create a golem or the slightly comedic alien whose obsession is the study of procreation. I was impressed with how they took a joke premise and retained the comedy whilst still making the character sympathetic. I think we are off to a good start here.

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