Ranneko Plays Kumoon Ballistic Physics Puzzle

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I ran across Kumoon as part of the Distribute() weekly mailing list, the title immediately caught my eye. Ballistic Physics Puzzle. I like shooting things, I like things having physics and I even like solving puzzles occasionally, it seemed like it was worth a shot. It turns out that Kumoon is a game of few surprises. You shoot balls, you knock around boxes and you try to work out how to get as many points as possible. It is a fairly small self-contained experience but an unfortunately limited one. I was hoping that the later puzzles would introduce new mechanics, even just some variation in ball and cube sizes, surfaces with different properties, but unfortunately what you see in the first set of levels is pretty much what you get for the entire game. They just raise the number of points that you have to score per box.

It is only £/$5 on steam though so if it looked interesting to you, and especially I suspect if you have a VR headset around as it may be a more interesting experience with the presence that could provide.

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