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Hey readers!

It’s one of those bad news-good news mixed-bag situations over at Ninja Blues today. As I’m sure you’re noticing, there’s no Indie Wonderland today. That’s the bad news. Sorry!

Now, I would tell you that I missed my weekly deadline because I’ve been sick, or because I’ve been busy with work, or because I had a boatload of social obligations. These things are all true… but you know me, would I let that sort of stuff get in-between us? No, the real reason there’s no Indie Wonderland this week is because I spent all the free time I could have spent playing and reviewing an indie game, on writing something else instead.

Something else? Yes, something else. Something else. Something that, deo volente, you’ll be able to read on this very Ninja Blues pretty soon. How soon? As soon as next Tuesday, i.e. tomorrow, and then every Tuesday and Saturday after that…

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