Ran Story – Looking For Context

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One of the most interesting features of Her Story is the way it presents a lot of information but surprisingly little context, not only because the videos are completely out of order, but we only ever hear responses, never questions. I was really keen to try to find the lie detector videos thinking they would be really revealing, only to realise that of course the videos consist only of Eve saying “Yes” or “No”, without the questions those answers are completely useless. Here I spend a lot of time initially trying to find out more about the murder and the items that have been mentioned previously but ultimately just trying to see every single video. The game is ultimately a very self directed experience it will never give you an outright answer but it’s few extrinsic rewards are based around simply viewing as much as you can.

I will say this actually finishing the game (not shown in this video) does hand you the single most important piece of context of all. A clue as to why the character we are playing as is looking in the database to begin with. Something I only spent a little bit of time thinking about while playing the game itself.

I really recommend you go out there and get Her Story for yourself so you can see what you can piece together about what happened and why, not just during the crime but during the interviews.

My final notes can be found here.

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