Ran Story – Linking Scenes

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I think I am perhaps avoiding the central murder mystery a little bit too much now. Instead I’ve been focusing heavily on the background of the woman we are interviewing and hearing the increasingly incredible tale told in the later interviews about Hannah and Eve. I wonder how that will colour my perceptions of the earlier interviews when I start focusing more heavily on the murder itself.

This non-linearity is one of the more novel parts of Her Story. It is really kind of difficult to keep straight exactly what was said at each interview, the searches bring up material from all of them, though obviously some interviews cover specific material much more than others. I focused pretty heavily on some of the more innocuous details, focusing on items that I had seen on the table. It revealed some quick little linking material, but I am not sure any of it is particularly useful.

You can see my notes up on Google Drive. Feel free to give suggestions for searches.

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