Ran Story – Who Is This Woman?

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Her Story has been sitting on my wishlist for quite some time and during the winter sale I snapped it up, eager to see what this unusual game had to offer. It is an investigation game, you have been provided to an aging computer database which contains all of the interviews with a particular woman relating to a murder that took place in 1994. The twist is that we do not have linear access to these videos, we just have fragments accessed through searches that use transcripts we cannot read. Neither do we have access to the questions she was asked, which means we have to scramble to assemble whatever context we can find and link potentially unrelated videos.

It is really easy to get stuck on a track with these investigations, I find I am half listening not for general information but for words and phrases that I think would make good future searches as I follow story threads. In retrospect it is kind of strange to realise how quickly I stopped looking into Simon and his death, I will get to that later for now I really want to know who this woman I am talking is. What makes her tick? What on earth is going on in Her Story.

I kept a loosely organised set of notes in notepad, I have since transferred them to Google Docs and have added a section where I organise them and add my own theories (some of which you can hear at the end of the video).  I am really keen to hear what others think based on this information, both of my theories and what things I should focus on next time? Are there any interesting search terms I should use to try to uncover more linking information?

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