Ranonauts – A Medium Sized Problem

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I was feeling pretty comfortable where I was, coming up on the end of the second month and despite a few mishaps most of the combat missions were going pretty well and I can autoresolve my way past most of the aerial combat. I just needed to get my bases up and running and make sure my soldiers were getting the gear they needed to do their jobs. And then the medium ships attacked.

Shooting them down was risky but I had the aircraft to do so, what was much more concerning was that the first of the medium ships appeared only a very short distance from the Indochina base. Does Xenonauts have base attacks? I hope Xenonauts doesn’t have base attacks, but if it doesn’t why can I build missile batteries?

The first mission for Team Indochina was a tough one, and was not improved by Prviate Museli exploding a grenade in her own face. What kind of idiot sent out a group of barely trained privates to take on the biggest alien ship that we have ever shot down without even taking the time to adjust their equipment?

The Ranonauts Project would like to offer it’s heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the following soldiers:

  • Lucky7 Ninefingers
  • Grouchoros
  • Museli
  • Navarran
  • Jarenth
  • 3 non-community recruits

Congratulations to:

  • The alien commander for taking himself out with Private Navarran

To date Ranonauts has:

  • defended the earth for 1 month and 27 days
  • lost 11 soldiers
  • killed 36 aliens in 7 ground battles
  • captured 8 aliens
  • shot down 9 alien craft
  • had one aircraft shot down
  • received $4,117,368 in funding

Ranonauts is in desperate need for new recruits after this… incident, if you or a friend would like to become a soldier in the Ranonauts project please leave a comment or fill in your information here, the next set of new soldiers will arrive in episode nine.

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  1. So yeah, I may have skipped Grenades 101 during basic training. I was a heavy weapons specialist, and grenades only weigh about a pound, so I thought I’d never use one. Whoops.

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