Ranonauts – Capture and Release

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I really enjoy the ability to take down enemies with stun grenades, Ceasans seem to be especially weak to them which makes them ideal for cleaning out larger groups of them, unfortunately I don’t think my soldiers get the same credit for capture as they do for kills, despite one generally being harder than the other. I am therefore very much annoyed the excess aliens are simply outright killed, not only does this seem to be somewhat inhumane, but it seems especially arrogant as it implies that we can find out all we ever can from a category of aliens with a single capture. I am sure there are story justifications for this, but what happens if we capture an anomaly? What if the only corpse we dissect is an outlier? In general you want a large sample size to draw confident and accurate conclusions and Xenonauts doesn’t let you do that. At this stage all it wants the player to do is capture a single example of each category of alien, after that we can go right back to killing them outright.

Please welcome to the Ranonauts Project:

  • Lucky7 Ninefingers
  • Rebelliousuno
  • Museli
  • Grouchoros
  • Jarenth

Congratulations to:

  • Aulayan for surviving against the odds
  • Caldazar for demonstrating the effectiveness of Jackal Armour
  • McNutcase for turning his back to the enemy and living, as well as KOing 2 aliens with one grenade

To date Ranonauts has:

  • defended the earth for 1 month and 21 days
  • lost 3 soldiers
  • killed 29 aliens in 6 ground battles
  • captured 8 aliens
  • shot down 6 alien craft
  • had one aircraft shot down
  • received $4,117,368 in funding

If you would like to become a soldier in the Ranonauts project please leave a comment or fill in your information here, the next set of new soldiers will arrive in episode nine.


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